About Us

About Us

DCHAS is a technical division of the American Chemical Society. We have about 1700 members and very active in partnering with other technical divisions and committees of the ACS, as well as sister organizations outside the ACS. We are also the parent division of the ACS Cannabis Subdivision.

In 2015, we met for 3 days to develop a strategic plan to meet our Division’s vision and mission statements: Division Leadership

Vision Statement

Improving people’s lives through the power of best chemical health and safety practices

Mission Statement

The ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety provides authoritative technical resources and mentorship in chemical health and safety for all.

2017 Leadership Roster

Chair (2017)
Harry Elston, Midwest Chemical Safety
Audit Committee Chair
(2017 Chair)
Joe Pickel, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Immediate Past Chair;
Nominating Committee
(2016 Chair)
John Palmer
Treasurer (2018)
Neal Langerman
Advanced Chemical Safety
Secretary (2017)
Website and Email Administrator
Ralph Stuart
Keene State College
JCHAS Editor
Harry J. Elston
Midwest Chemical Safety
Member‑at‑Large (2018)
Tim Black
Member-at-Large (2017)
Monique Wilhelm
University of Michigan-Flint.
Councilor (2019)
Debbie Decker, Univ of California Davis
Councilor (2017)
Frankie Wood-Black
Sophic Pursuits
Alternate Councilor (2017)
Joe Pickel, Oak Ridge National Lab
Alternate Councilor (2019)
Douglas Walters


Training and Workshops Coordinator

Russell W. Phifer
WC Environmental, LLC


Douglas Walters
Environmental and Chemical Safety Educational Institute

Long Range Planning

Sammye Sigmann
Appalachian State University

Program Co-Chair

Debbie M. Decker
University of California, Davis

Social Chair

Robin Izzo
Princeton University

Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee

Ellen Sweet
Cornell University

Archives; Speaker’s Bureau

James Kaufman, Chair
The Laboratory Safety Institute


Joe Pickel
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Regional Meeting Coordinator

Mark Lassiter
Montreat College

Publicity Committee

Brandon Chance,
Southern Methodist University


American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Dennis Hendershot

ACS International Affairs Committee

Douglas Walters

National Registry of Certified Chemists

Russ Phifer

Committee on Chemical Safety

Ken  Fivizzani

ACS Division of Chemistry and the Law

Neal Langerman

The 2017 DCHAS Expense report form (updated as of May, 2017) can be downloaded here: CHAS_EXPENSE_REPORT_2017-2

The 2017 January edition of the DCHAS administrative manual  can be downloaded here

The CHAS Tax Return 2016.

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