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  • 2 injured in Tacoma trailer explosion
    TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — A man who ran off after an explosion blew apart a 30-foot trailer in Tacoma was later found and taken to a hospital with burns. Another man found at the scene Monday morning also was treated at a hospital for burns. Tacoma Fire Department officials say the blast around 2 a.m. destroyed the trailer, which was parked behind a house. The Fire Department says investigators determined the explosion was caused by propane gas from a portable tank venting into the enclosed trailer. Despite initial reports, investigators say they found no evidence of a drug lab.
  • Aldrich Chemical damaged in lightning strike
    A lightning strike at Sigma-Aldrich Chemical early Sunday morning blew out a water main and damaged the company’s critical fire-supression system. According to a release from the Town of Wilson Fire Department, the well supplies the plant’s 1 million gallon fire pond, which provides water for the entire fire suppression system at the facility It also blew out a water main on the south east part of the property, setting off an alarm that started the main fire pump. That light strike also set off three other alarms at the plant. By the time maintenance staff arrived at the pump house, the pond was empty. Production cannot continue if the fire supression system is out of order.
  • One taken to hospital after explosion in downtown Winston-Salem lab
    One person was injured in a small chemical explosion that shut down streets around city hall for several hours Monday morning. Winston-Salem police, firefighters and EMS personnel responded to a call of an explosion at 200 East First St., part of the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, around 10 a.m. A small explosion in a fume hood in a fourth-floor lab injured a person conducting a routine experiment. Eric Tomlinson, president of the Innovation Quarter, said the injured person was shielded from the explosion by the hood’s screen but suffered minor injuries to the hands. That individual was transported to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center by EMS. ...The injured person was working for Asinex, a company that makes substances used by the pharmaceutical industry. Byrum said the employee was mixing sodium azide with a trade chemical, a routine procedure. “It’s a normal reaction, that for some reason this time went awry,” Tomlinson said.
  • Health woes vex neighbors of tire warehouse fire
    TORRINGTON — A tire fire in Torrington that stopped burning more than a week ago has led to health concerns among local residents. The Toce Brothers Co. warehouse fire began April 3 and was extinguished the next day. Water from fire hoses cascaded along the road containing bits of rubber. More than 1 million gallons of water and hundreds of gallons of foam extinguished the fire. The Republican-American reports that debris were strewn along the curb, around storm drains and filled in crevasses. Roads were coated with what looked like black paint. Health officials say residents do not face significant health or environmental risks especially if they take all reasonable steps to clean their property. Pamela Colucci says her dog's paws were black and sticky after a recent walk.
  • KENNEWICK, Wash.: Ammonia leak clears Toyota Center in Kennewick
    KENNEWICK, WASH. — Hundreds of people were evacuated from the Toyota Center during a junior hockey game Sunday afternoon because of an ammonia leak. KEPR reports ( firefighters responded to an ammonia alarm and aired out the building. Refrigeration workers hoped to have things back to normal Monday.
  • Chemical scare at Sydney Water building
    Hundreds of workers have been evacuated from Sydney Water's headquarters in Parramatta after a chemical scare. The alarm was raised at a tower block just before 1pm (AEST) on Monday, with police sealing off parts of the road and forcing staff to abandon their desks and wait outside for much of the afternoon. Fire and Rescue NSW said chemicals had mixed in the basement and the compound was giving off a strong, potentially dangerous vapour. Firefighters wearing protective suits and rubber gloves entered the basement to try to identify if there was any imminent threat. It is understood they isolated one of the chemicals in a 50-litre drum and made it safe. One firefighter was seen being washed down with a hose outside the building.
  • Powder shuts down hospital emergency room in Memphis; substance proves to be nontoxic
    A FedEx employee exposed to a white powder on the job prompted the shutdown and decontamination of the emergency room at Methodist University Hospital Sunday night, according a Memphis Fire Department spokesman. The 42-year-old woman went home after her shift and showered, but drove herself to the emergency room after she started experiencing breathing problems and vomiting. Her name was not released. Late Sunday night, the substance was determined to be a nontoxic food additive, and the woman was scheduled to be released from the hospital, according to fire department spokesman Lt. Wayne Cooke. Hospital authorities alerted the fire department at 6:45 p.m., prompting hazmat units to shut down the emergency room in the Medical Center area and begin decontamination procedures. Until just before 10 p.m., Cooke said all tests performed on the substance had continued to come back “inconclusive or negative.”
  • Big fire sends toxic smoke across Gore
    UPDATED 6:54am: Praise for fire crews in Gore who've managed to contain a massive fire in a livestock supplies factory. It took five hours to get it under control and it's still being tended to, but area manager Bruce Stubbs says they've managed to stop the intense blaze from spreading beyond the property. "The operational crews here on arrival and throughout the evening have prevented any of the adjacent buildings from being affected. We've been able to save those buildings." At its height, a dense, chemical-laden smoke hung over the southern area of Gore and residents were told to stay inside this morning if they have breathing problems they should see their GP.
  • Series of explosion in Tarapur chemical unit, no casualties reported
    MUMBAI: A series of six explosions took place in the reactor of a chemical plant in Tarapur MIDC on Sunday evening. Reports of injuries were not known. According to fire brigade sources, the at least six explosions were heard from the reactor of Spectrochem Pvt Limited, located on plot E-55 in the Tarapur-MIDC area. The first explosion occurred at 8.32 pm, said API Abbasaheb Patil of Boisar-MIDC police. It was followed by another five blasts followed by fire in the factory. As the flames spread, the entire area was cordoned off. Though it was not known whether there were any casualties, police said that the factory had shut down for the day at 3 pm. Interestingly, all industries in the Tarapur-MIDC area are shut on Fridays and work in three shifts on all other days, including Sundays. It is not known why Spectro Chemicals that manufacture laboratory and organic chemicals shut down early on Sunday.
  • Why the recurrence?
    Four individuals died and many more have been badly injured in Tejturi Bazar fire on Thursday. Reports relating to the hazards posed by factories and chemical workshops situated in residential areas have appeared regularly in the media. Despite all the concerns expressed over the years and court orders to free residential areas of chemical stores, no effective compliant measures have neither been enforced nor taken. What has happened in Tejturi Bazar is simple: an open 200-litre paint thinner barrel developed a fire and the flames simply leapt out of the shop and into the narrow alley. The intensity of the fire could be seen from the manner in which the flames affected passersby. As for those inside the shop, apart from the individuals who have died, their normal breathing ran into problems. As a medical expert at DMCH put it, the hot gases burnt the breathing tracts of the affected individuals. The question now is: How much more time must elapse before real and effective action is taken against elements who allow parts of their homes to be used as shops where dangerous chemicals may be in use? Apart from that, when will purposeful action be demonstrated to ensure safety measures for shop employees? Whatever suggestions have been made by experts should be revisited on a priority basis and a strategy adopted to implement those within a specified timeline under the watch of a clearly designated authority. We cannot be mute spectators to deaths of unsuspecting people through avoidable accidents.
  • Fuel from south-side refinery spills into S.A. River
    SAN ANTONIO - Fuel from a south-side refinery spilled into the San Antonio River Saturday morning as the fire department and a hazardous materials crew rushed to the scene to try to contain the spill. The fuel spilled into the river just south of S.E. Military Drive and S. Presa Street. Fire crews said the Calumet refinery plant was transferring jet fuel to a rail truck Friday night when it spilled. Firefighters didn't receive word about that spill until Saturday morning, because the refinery initially believed they had contained the spill. Fire Department and San Antonio River Authority personnel on the scene said about 1,100 gallons spilled out.
  • Hotel, homes evacuated in SE Houston gas leak
    A motel and four homes had to be evacuated earlier Saturday after a gas leak in southeast Houston. Houston Fire Department officials reported a leak in a main gas line at Chevers and Martin Luther King Boulevard just after noon. The gas line is a two-inch pressurized line, not something hazmat teams could handle, according to HFD.  The gas company is bringing heavy duty crews to the scene, and HFD officials said it may be some time before the area is clear of danger.
  • 2 killed in chemical unit blast
    VISAKHAPATNAM: Two chemists were killed and 16 workers injured in an explosion that ripped through the reactor of Deccan Fine Chemicals Private Limited's plant near Rajavaram village in Payakaraopeta mandal in the district in the early hours of Saturday. The deceased were identified as V Ramu, 36, of Narsipatnam and G Subba Rao, 31, of Alamuru in East Godavari. Both died on their way to a hospital in Visakhapatnam. The other injured workers were admitted to hospitals in Tuni. According to sources, the condition of two of the injured is critical, while the remaining 14 are said to be stable. A majority of the injured fell unconscious after inhaling the fumes of chemical Dichloromethane, popularly known as Methylene Dichloride, that spread all over the block as a result of the blast, causing suffocation and breathing problem. According to police, the incident took place between 5 am to 6 am when around 30 workers were at the site and the two chemists at the reactor. The increased pressure in the reactor might have caused the accident, one of the employees said. Such was the impact of the blast, which took place in block-A of the plant and set off a fire, that its sound was heard nearly one km away, triggering panic in the nearby villages.
  • Grass fire kept short of Lawrence chemical plant
    Firefighters from several Douglas County municipalities Friday helped prevent a grass fire from reaching phorphorus tanks at a Lawrence-area chemical plant. Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical units responded at 12:51 p.m. Friday to a report of a grass fire near Isreal Chemical Limited, a plant north of Lawrence that produces materials used in making fertilizers. First responders reported flames encroaching on the plant’s chemical tanks, and a structure fire situation was declared along with a mutual aid request. Fire units from Eudora, Wakarusa, Lecompton and Kanwaka townships responded to deal with burning trees and vegetation close to the plant.
  • Agencies respond to chemical spill at Amity Road
    A 150 gallon mixture of xylene and ethyl benzene was spilled at a Halliburton chemical service, Multi-Chem, at Amity Road in Conway Thursday. According to the Conway Fire Department, which responded to the scene due to the flammable nature of the chemicals, the product is used in natural gas extraction as a de-foaming agent. An Arkansas Department of Emergency Management hazardous materials incident report associated with the spill states the chemical solution’s container was damaged by a forklift. The incident report states the release of the chemicals was contained on site, and no injuries or evacuations were reported. The tank was at capacity with 330 gallons of the solution. The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality responded to observe cleanup activities carried out by Multi-Chem’s contractor, United States Environmental Services.
  • Three small fires doused at Los Alamos lab
    LOS ALAMOS – Crews have doused three small fires at Los Alamos National Laboratory that were sparked by fragments at one of the northern New Mexico lab’s firing ranges. Officials say the fires were ignited Thursday afternoon at Technical Area 36 and were out within an hour. The area is fenced and in a remote location. Lab spokesman Kevin Roark tells The Los Alamos Monitor ( the fire department did a good job keeping the blazes from spreading. The threat of wildfire at the lab is a big concern. After a large wildfire lapped at the edges of lab property in the summer of 2011, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez identified the removal of thousands of barrels of waste as a top priority. The waste is stored above ground at one of the lab’s other technical areas
  • Chemical factory blast kills two in Andhra Pradesh
    A reactor blast at a chemical factory at Rajavaram under the limits of Payakaraopeta police station bordering Visakhapatnam and East Godavari districts, about 100 km from here, killed two persons and injured 26 others on Saturday. Among the injured, 19 were admitted to hospital with minor injuries, Visakhapatnam SP Vikram Jeet Duggal said. The incident occurred at Deccan Fine Chemicals Pvt. Ltd at about 6 a.m. The deceased have been identified as Ramu (36) of Narsipatnam and Subba Rao (31) of Alamuru (East Godavari). Both, working as chemists, died on the way to hospital. Tension broke out at the factory with the workers and people in the neighbourhood staging a dharna criticising the management for not taking enough safeguards to prevent the incident. The fire was doused a few hours later after fire tenders from Tuni, Payakaraopeta and other places were rushed to the spot. The cause of the accident was not immediately known. Officials from the Factories Department took blast samples from the spot for chemical examination.  
  • Hazmat Situation at College of New Jersey
    Hazmat crews were called to the College of New Jersey Friday afternoon after a student was exposed to a hazardous chemical. The female student was exposed to benzyl bromide while in the chemistry building located on the college campus at 2000 Pennington Road, according to school officials. "She was walking around, into the library and the dining hall," said J.J. Heindel, a 21-year-old senior. "She was sitting with her friends in the dining hall and everyone was tearing up." School officials say the affected student checked in with the school's health services after feeling a tingling sensation on her arm and smelling an unusual odor. Authorities called hazmat crews to investigate the possiblity of contamination in the buildings she entered, forcing students to stay put in the library, dining hall and chemistry building during a quarantine. No contamination was detected in any of the three buildings, which were all reopened by 2 p.m., according to school officials. "It was pretty calm," said Heindel, who had to remain inside the cafeteria for about 20 minutes.
  • Small explosion at LSU Dairy Science lab leaves two injured
    BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A small explosion at the LSU Dairy Science Building in the laboratory has left two people injured. Capt. Cory Lalonde with the LSU Police Department says two people were conducting an experiment and there was a small explosion. He says it appears to be an accident. A female suffered significant cuts on her hand and was transported to the hospital by ambulance. A man also suffered minor injuries.
  • Chemical bombs found in Liberty Twp., sheriff warns residents
    LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A series of incidents involving chemical reaction bombs has prompted the Butler County Sheriff's Office to warn citizens of their dangers. Officers say the warning stems from two separate Liberty Township incidents in which residents found chemical bombs. Both incidents resulted in property damage and posed inherent physical dangers to the finders. In the first incident, a caller found five chemical bombs in the 5200 block of Aspen Valley Drive. Officers say that the individual collected them and put them in the trash on Sunday. On Monday, the individual heard an explosion and went outside to investigate. Authorities say a woman found an additional bomb and brought it home to show her husband. Police say she dripped the contents on her carpet, leaving a burn trail on her carpet. A second incident occurred Thursday morning in the 5200 block of Aspen Valley Drive. Officers say a resident found a chemical bomb lying in his driveway and attempted to kick it to the curb. Officers say the bomb exploded, spraying the victim with acidic contents. Police say the victim was not injured but his boots and driveway sustained damage. Sheriffs say that chemical bombs usually are made in plastic soda or water bottles. Pressure is generated inside the bottled by reacting with an acid or base with a metal in most cases. Officers say the reaction generates heat and Hydrogen gas as it builds pressure. An explosion sends acidic contents and shards of plastic in every direction.
  • 4 taken to hospital after chemical exposure at Georgia State lab
    Four people were transported to a hospital after being exposed to a chemical at a Georgia State University lab on Thursday afternoon. The Natural Sciences Building at 50 Decatur Street was evacuated as a precautionary measure after the incident occurred around 2:30 p.m., Atlanta fire department spokeswoman Janet Ward said. The site was all clear by 4:45 p.m. A group of workers and students were moving a drum of chemicals in a third-floor lab in the science building when there was a spill, university spokeswoman Andrea Jones told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. After being exposed to a chemical, they were decontaminated and transported to Grady Memorial Hospital, according to Ward. The chemical vendor was called to the scene and assisted the Atlanta fire department and a hazmat team, Jones said.
  • Fire originates from chemical shop in residential building
    One person was killed and 10 others were injured as flammable chemicals caught fire and exploded at a shop on the ground floor of a residential building in the capital's Tejgaon yesterday. Most of the victims were pedestrians and at least six of the injured are fighting for life with over 30 percent of their bodies burnt. Two university students and a minor boy are among the injured. The dead is Abdul Latif, 50, a rickshaw van puller. He had been admitted to the burn unit of the Dhaka Medical College Hospital with 96 percent burns. He succumbed to his injuries around 1:00am today. Sources said the blast occurred at Mahfuz Sewing and Electric, a shop that sells accessories for garment factories in East Tejturi Bazar near Farmgate around 2:45pm. “We had brought a 200-litre barrel of paint thinner into our shop and opened it and we smelt something very unusual. As soon as I rushed out of the shop, I saw a fire followed by a loud bang," Mahmudul Hasan, owner of the shop, told The Daily Star at a hospital writhing in pain. At least 35 percent of his body was burnt.
  • Chemical company fire reignites briefly
    Firefighters returned to an east Tulsa chemical business early Thursday after a blaze that damaged the building Wednesday night reignited. Crews arrived about 2:30 a.m. at Sabre Chem Inc., 9919 E. 47th Place, to put out several hot spots, Fire Department spokesman Stan May said. No injuries were reported, even though the building's roof collapsed while crews were on the scene, he said. The owner of the business said Thursday that he knows what sparked the blaze. "I know exactly what caused it," owner Scott Bever said. "It was a static charge that sparked it." Bever said the charge quickly ignited nearby industrial materials and fluids. "It's cool, low humidity in there," he said. "I don't know why it happened." An official cause of the fire, which led to several explosions, has not been determined, May said.
  • Suspected 'hash oil' lab explodes in Malibu home; 1 man burned
    A suspected drug lab at a home in Malibu caught fire and exploded Tuesday, injuring one person who had to be transported to the hospital via helicopter, authorities said. Firefighters responded to the home in the 1200 block of Encinal Canyon Road shortly before 6:15 p.m. to find it fully engulfed in flames, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Authorities later discovered the substance “honey oil” -- a type of marijuana oil -- at the residence, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Sgt. Fray Lupian told KTLA-TV. A 25-year-old man who was burned in the explosion and ensuing fire was airlifted to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center to be treated for his injuries, authorities said. The man, who was not immediately identified, would likely be arrested on drug-related charges after recovering, Lupian said.
  • Toxic chemical spill in south Auckland
    A highly toxic chemical has seen a workplace evacuated in south Auckland this morning. Fire crews were called to National Steel in Wiri just after 8.00AM after staff reported an unusual chemical smell coming from some cars they were crushing. A Fire Service communications spokesman says the chemical posed no hazard to people outside the property. Fire crews are still at the Hobill Avenue business, waiting on representatives from WorkSafe New Zealand to arrive before clearing the chemical.