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CHAS Awarded Two 2019 Chemluminary Awards!

At the fall 2019 ASC National Meeting in San Diego, CA, CHAS was honored with two ChemLuminary awards for Divisional activities. The awards honored the Division’s innovative projects in working with international stakeholders in Malaysia and in communicating with the research community about the importance of Laboratory Risk Assessment. Pictured above are several former, current and future CHAS chairs with ACS leadership at the awards ceremony.

In addition, Frankie Wood-Black, CHAS former chair and active CHAS councilor, was recognized by the Committee on Public Relations and Communications with the
Helen M. Free Award for Public Outreach
Frankie Wood-Black writes a weekly science column for her local newspaper. As an ACS Expert, she has been quoted on topics including tattoo inks and pool safety. She also wrote a book on how to safely perform hands-on science.

The Division prepared this poster to highlight the 4 nominations it received for Chemluminary awards for its 2020 work.

Descriptions of the 4 CHAS finalists for 2019 ChemLuminary Awards

Connecting Professionalism, Safety & Ethics: Opportunities & Challenges

At the Fall 2019 ACS National Meeting, CHAS hosted a symposium on Connecting Professionalism, Safety & Ethics: Opportunities & Challenges”. PDF versions of the presentations are provided here for your review.

Safety for one, safety for all: Overcoming challenges to sharing chemical incident data. K.M. Kulinowski

Learnings from a community safety data sharing experiment. C.I. Nitsche, G. Whittick, M. Manfredi

Global Chemists’ Code of Ethics: Connecting safety, security, and responsible practices in the chemical sciences. L. Brown

Safety: International chemical society approach. B.S. Chance

Introducing a safety guidance chapter in the fourth edition of the ACS Style Guide. S.B. Sigmann, L.R. McEwen, S.R. Goode

Why metrics matter. S.I. Addlestone

Backing into safety culture. P.A. Reinhardt

Professionalism, safety and ethics: Improving safety culture. R.M. Izzo

Engaging senior management to improve the safety culture of a chemical development organization thru the SPYDR (safety as part of your daily routine) lab visit program. V.W. Rosso

Understanding the dimensions of risk. R. Stuart

Graduate Student Safety Education

At the 2019, San Diego National Meeting CHAS hosted a symposium on Graduate Student Safety Education. The presentations from this symposium are provided below.

Safety communication is about respect as well as numbers. R. Stuart

How to train with nothing. S. George, H. Davis- Russell, J. de la Rosa Ducut

Development of a short course for collateral duty safety advisors in academic research laboratories. M.C. Wasson, M. Blayney

Secrets to success: Show up, do. M.C. J.A. Martin

Safety minutes: Consistent way to promote and sustain the commitment to research safety. L. Redfern, M. Blayney

GAs are EHS @ USD. C.M. Karki

CHAS 40th Anniversary Symposium

Presentations from the CHAS 40th Anniversary Symposium at the 2019 Fall ACS National Meeting are provided below. The presentations were:

PubChem LCSS.
J. Zhang, P. Thiessen, A. Gindulyte, E. Bolton, L.R. McEwen, R. Stuart

Evolution of “safety” within the ACS world.
R. Stuart, R. Hill

40 years as an environment, health and safety professional. M.B. Koza

CHAS at 40: Twenty years of editor’s insight on professional safety communication. H.J. Elston

From YCC to SCC: Fun times in the Division of Chemical Health and Safety. D.M. Decker

2019 CHAS Awards Symposium

The 2019 CHAS Awards were presented at the San Diego National Meeting in August. The awardees and their presentation files are provided here

Ken Fivizzani was presented with the CHAS Lifetime Achievement Award. His presentation was entitled “Seeking the promised land of chemical safety”.

2019 CHAS Lifetime Achievement Award

Sammye Sigmann was presented with the Howard Fawcett Award. Her presentation was entitled “What Can We Learn from Lemony Snicket?”.

2019 CHAS Awards Symposium Howard Fawcett Award
2019 CHAS Awards Symposium Pitt Safety Stratus College and University Award

The University of Pittsburgh was presented with the SafetyStratus College and University Award. Their presentation was entitled “Safety-Culture Growth Catalyzed by an Undergraduate Laboratory Safety Course”

Harry Elston was presented with the Tillmans Skonik award. His presentation was entitled “Leading from the Front“.

2019 CHAS Awards Symposium Tillmanns-Skolnik Award

The final speaker was a guest invited by Sammye Sigmann, Stella Sommer. She spoke on “Rasmussen’s Risk Management Framework Applied to Academic Laboratory Safety”

2019 CHAS Awards Symposium Stella Sommer Invited Speaker Fresno State

CHAS at a Glance – August 2019

“CHAS at a Glance”, the summary of Division of Chemical Health and Safety activities for this month’s ACS national meeting is now available in two formats:

The first is in a format suitable for printing on 8.5×11 paper

The second is a PDF file in “infographic” format suitable for easy scanning on a portable device.

Download one and both to help keep track of what the Division is up to from August 25 – 28!

The agenda for CHAS Executive Committee meeting on Sunday morning of the meeting is available here.