CHAS Educational Programs Roster

Program name: Safety Leadership in the Chemistry Enterprise

Administrative Contact: Samuella Sigmann

Type of Activity: Professional development workshop, Live virtual, 8 hours

When is this ready: After April 15

One time or recurring: Repeated if needed

Promotional Description:

The idea of creating a positive “safety culture” has garnered much attention over the past decade within the chemistry enterprise. The term “safety culture” is frequently used throughout industry and academia, but what are the key ingredients needed to develop a generative and sustainable culture of safety? How is a positive culture of safety connected to leadership development? The purpose of this workshop is to provide attendees with the key elements of a positive culture of safety and provide the knowledge, skills, and mechanisms necessary to develop community safety leaders. If you have safety responsibilities in an area within the chemistry enterprise, or simply want to become a positive safety influencer in your own lab, please consider attending this workshop.


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