Become a member

How to join for ACS members

  1. First join the Division of Chemical Health and safety (our parent division)

    1. On your regular ACS dues renewal

    2. By calling ACS membership services 800-333-9511

    3. Or by filling out the division application at this URL

  2. Second let ACS membership services know that you would like to join the Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision (Code G29) at no additional charge.

How to join for non-ACS members:

  1. Go to the American Chemical Society website at

  2. At the top, click the link to “Membership & Networks”

  3. On the next page, scroll downwards to the “Network & Collaborate” box.  Under it lies a link to “Technical Divisions”.  Click that link.

  4. On the left navigation bar, click “Join a Division.”

  5. Click the link that reads “Complete the application form…”

  6. ***Note: You can bypass all the previous steps by directly navigating to the application form at this address:

  7. Print out the application form and fill it out with your contact information.

  8. Under membership categories, check the box next to “Division Affiliate → Non-ACS Member.”

  9. Write in the code “G29” and “Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision” in the next section.

  10. Submit a payment for $78 via Cash, Check, or Credit Card (Visa, AMEX, MC)

  11. Mail your application and payment to the address at the bottom of the application, or scan and e-mail it to

  12. If you have any further questions, call ACS member services at (800)333-9511.