Greetings! I’m Dan Kuespert, 2023 Chair of CHAS. I’m a Certified Safety Professional with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, and I’m a longtime member of CHAS.

This year is a year of opportunities for CHAS—and its members.

Our focus on early-career members, through the peer-led workshops and other initiatives, helps us identify new volunteers. Nevertheless, we still have need for volunteers to do everything from leading committees to managing the CHAS Chats to organizing symposia—and those are but a few of the opportunities available.

In 2023, I plan to see the Division positioned to bring its mission to life: providing authoritative technical resources and mentorship in chemical health and safety for all. We will organize around the pillars of the new strategic plan: Education, Outreach, and Member Services.

  • In education, we will be expanding and deepening CHAS’s workshop offerings for safety professionals (both established and those early in their careers), and we will lay groundwork to expand chemical safety education to those in other chemical fields.
  • In outreach, we will revamp the CHAS website and modernize the discussion list with clear content guidelines.
  • For our members, we will be continuing the monthly newsletter, as well as prototyping a CHAS Welcome Wagon to orient new members to our resources.

We expect to meet this year’s challenges and take maximum advantage of its opportunities using CHAS’s greatest resource: the energy and expertise of our members.

I look forward to meeting many of you at the Spring and Fall Annual Meetings. I’ll see you soon!

Dan Kuespert, 2023 Chair
ACS Division of Chemical Health and