Chris Incarvito, CHAS Chair

I write to you as the 2022 Chair of the Division with excitement for the upcoming year and with thanks for your continued membership and contributions. CHAS is primed for another productive and forward-looking year but I would be remiss to not look back at what CHAS was able to accomplish over a most challenging 2021.

With deepest gratitude to Harry Elston (past Chair) and the full Executive Committee for their leadership I would like to note that we not only navigated a year of pandemic-related uncertainty but capitalized on the opportunity to better engage our membership virtually. This is in addition to successfully programming at both national meetings while adapting to a seemingly endless flurry of changes to how the meetings were held (thank you Debbie Decker and Joe Pickel!). 

I hope to carry this success through the upcoming year. We have a strong membership and are in a favorable state, but we need everyone to help carry this momentum.

To start I propose a question for us all to consider:
What value does the Division bring to me?
It is a broad question that will have individualized answers. I encourage you to revisit this question throughout the year and share your thoughts so we can better support our members through our mission. It is also a question that will drive our 2022 strategic planning efforts. With help from Daniel Kuespert (Chair Elect) the Division will embark on a multiphase strategic planning exercise that will rely on your input. We need to know what works, what we can improve, what we can add, and ultimately better articulate the value of the Division to our current members and future ones.

Lastly, like all great volunteer organizations CHAS too relies on those who give generously of their time. All levels of involvement are appreciated! 

  • Volunteer to serve on a committee
  • Organize a safety-focused webinar
  • Present a paper at a National or Regional meeting
  • Help boost membership
  • And many more opportunities!

I look forward to a great 2022 and please do not hesitate to contact me at chris.incarvito@yale.edu should you have any suggestions or questions.

-Chris Incarvito, 2022 Chair
ACS Division of Chemical Health and