CHAS Fellows Award

Download the Nomination Application Form for this Award Here: [Click to Download CHAS Fellows Nomination Form]

Statement of Award Purpose

Fellows Awards recognize CHAS members in good standing who have provided continuous, active service to CHAS and who have made significant contributions to the Division during their active service.

Award Recognition

Certificate and lapel pin presented at the Awards Symposium during the Fall ACS national meeting.

Description of Eligible Nominees

An eligible nominee must be current members of the division who has been a member for at least fifteen years or has been a member for at least seven years (continuous membership) and has been active in CHAS activities for at least three years. Active membership is defined below.

CHAS Fellows have shown support for the goals and activities of CHAS, and has through personal effort, helped CHAS achieve those goals. The following activities designate a member as “active”:

  1. Division volunteer service including holding office in the division, chairing division committees, etc.
  2. Organization of symposia, major presentations, or other programming at national/international meetings
  3. Contributions to safety in ACS Publications
  4. Leadership of or other contributions to Division outreach activities

There is no limit to the number of CHAS Fellows named each year.

Eligible Sources of Nominations

  • Self-nomination
  • Any CHAS division member

Roster of CHAS Fellows

(Those listed in bold are also ACS Fellows)

  • Robert Alaimo
  • Peter Ashbrook
  • W. Emmett Barkley
  • Janet Baum
  • Ernest I. Becker
  • Leslie Bretherick
  • Brandon Chance
  • Daniel A. Crowl
  • Debbie Decker
  • Lou DiBerardinis
  • Laurence J. Doemeny
  • Harry J. Elston
  • Howard Fawcett
  • Barbara Foster
  • David Finster
  • Kenneth Fivizzani
  • Bill Galdenzi
  • Lawrence M. Gibbs
  • Marta Gmurczyk
  • Ruth Hathaway
  • Donald Hedberg
  • Dennis C. Hendershot
  • Robert H. Hill Jr.
  • Chris Incarvito
  • Robin Izzo
  • James Kaufmann
  • Kimberly B. Jeskie
  • Jyllian Kemsley
  • Sheila Kennedy
  • Warren Kingsley
  • Mary Beth Koza
  • Ken Kretchman
  • Daniel Kuespert
  • Neal Langerman
  • Mark Lassiter
  • Po-Yung Lu
  • Sung Moon
  • John Palmer
  • Joe Pickel
  • Lyle H. Phifer
  • Russ Phifer
  • Stanley Pine
  • Pat Redden
  • Malcolm Renfrew
  • Peter Reinhardt
  • Monona Rossol
  • Eileen Segal
  • Stephen Sichek, Sr.
  • Diane G. Schmidt
  • Sammye Sigmann
  • Mary Ann Solstad
  • Ralph Stuart
  • Ellen Sweet
  • Stephen Szabo
  • Erik A. Talley
  • Robert Toreki
  • George Wahl
  • Douglas B. Walters
  • Stefan Wawzyniecki
  • Elizabeth Weisburger
  • Frankie Wood-Black
  • I. J. Wilk
  • Kenyon D. Yoder
  • Jay Young