SERMACS 2023 CHAS Presentations

The 2023 Southeast Regional Meeting hosted a Division of Chemical Health and Safety symposium titled Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities in Laboratory Safety. Links to the powerpoint files are listed below.

Microcredentialing – New Frontier in undergraduate safety training. M.C. Box

Creation, assessment, and application of postgraduate virtual reality experiences in laboratory safety. D.S. Lawrence

Improving chemists’ safety in research and development laboratories: By eliminating all bench-level obstructions with a MAC hood support safety device. T.D. McKibben

Accessing chemical hazard and safety data via the internet. A.J. Williams, T. Martin, V. Tkachenko

Applying lessons of NOD to chemical laboratory safety. R.H. Hill

Understanding, developing, and implementing laboratory safety culture in academic institutions. D.F. Henry

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