Working Alone in the Lab? Video Available

The ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety and Committee on Chemical Safety are please to share our second short safety video (2 minutes and 15 seconds) for the research laboratory community.

Developed in cooperation with the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, it addresses an important issue in many research settings: What are the factors lab workers should consider when deciding what work can be conducted when they are alone in the laboratory?

You can view the video on Youtube here

You can also download the video file here for off line viewing

We appreciate any questions or comments you have on this video; please send them to

3 thoughts on “Working Alone in the Lab? Video Available”

  1. Great writing, pace, information, sentiment and organized presentation of ideas. Voice hard to understand (gravelly women’s voice), cartoons a bit basic but OK, unobtrusive music was fine.

  2. Depende del trabajo y del laboratorio. Yo llevo tres años haciendo vídeos de quimica qué público en mi canal de tiktok y no tuve ningún problema porque conozco los productos y trabajo a muy pequeña escala. Y mi laboratorio es un trozo de mi mesa y la fuente de calefacción una vela, etc.

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