Howard Fawcett Chemical Health and Safety Award

Download the Nomination Application Form for this Award Here: [Click here to download the Howard Fawcett Nomination Form in Word format]

Statement of Award Purpose

The Howard Fawcett Chemical Health and Safety Award recognizes outstanding individual contributions to the field of Chemical Health and Safety.

Award Amount and Recognition

  • $500 Honorarium
  • Engraved plaque including name of recipient

The recipient of this award is expected to deliver a 15 – 20-minute presentation at the CHAS Awards Symposium at the ACS Fall national meeting in the year that they receive the award. The presentation may be on any topic related to chemical safety.

Description of Eligible Nominees

The award is to be granted for outstanding contributions in the field of chemical health and safety without regard to age, nationality, race, gender or race. Nominees are not required to be members of the Division of Chemical Health and Safety. An individual may be named as the nominee or an organization (company, department, etc.) may be named. If a team is nominated, an individual must be identified as the primary contact to represent the team.

One award is given per year.

Eligible Sources of Nominations

  • Any CHAS division member
  • Subordinate (student, employee, etc.)
  • Superior (supervisor, director, etc.)
  • Peer

Additional Information about this Award

In 1998, as a memorial, the CHAS Award was renamed the Howard H. Fawcett Chemical Health and Safety Award and is now known simply as the Howard Fawcett Award. It was originally supported, in part, by the Safety and Occupational Health Division of E.I. DuPont de Nemours, and by Jay A. Young.

More information about Howard Fawcett can be found here:

Howard Fawcett CHAS Award Recipients

2022: Dr. Susan Silbey,  Professor of Humanities, Sociology and Anthropology, MIT

2021: Robert Toreki, Ph.D., Interactive Learning Paradigms, Incorporated (ILPI)
2020: David Finster, Ph.D.

2019: Samuella Sigmann
2018: Dow Chemical Company
2017: Monona Rossol, President of Arts, Crafts & Theater Safety, Inc.
2016: Lee Latimer
2015: Jyllian Kemsley, C&ENews

2014: Sheila Kennedy, University of California San Diego
2013: Proctor and Gamble’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water program

2012: Robert Emery
2011: Eugene Ngai
2009: Chemical Security Engagement Program of the U.S. Department of State
2008: U.S. Chemical Safety Board

2007: Salvatore R. DiNardi
2006: D. Jeff Burton
2005: Edward H. Rau
2004: Thomas Goehl
2003: Harry J. Elston

2002: Robert H. Hill Jr.
2001: Eileen Segal
2000: Emmett Barkley
1999: Linda Rosenstock
1998: Janet Baum

1997: Louis DiBerardinis
1996: Ralph Stuart
1995: Warren K. Kingsley
1994: Daniel Crowl
1993: Howard F. Fawcett

1992: Kenneth Yoder
1991: Jay A. Young
1990: Stanley Pine
1989: Douglas B. Walters
1988: Leslie Bretherick

1987: Samuel S. Butcher, Dana W. Mayo, Ronald M. Pike
1986: Blaine C. McKusick
1985: Malcolm Renfrew
1984: Warren Kingsley
1983: Herbert House