ACS Chemical Safety Resources

Division of Chemical Health and Safety: a technical division that pursues research into all elements of chemical and laboratory safety, including technical and management aspects. The Division hosts technical symposia at national and regional meetings and hosts educational workshops at national and regional meetings.

Committee on Chemical Safety: a committee of the Society that provides technical and educational leadership within the Society with regard to safety issues. The Committee produces a variety of peer reviewed documents which provide guidance with regard to technical and management issues related to chemical safety in the laboratory, particularly in the educational setting. The CCS also supports the ACS Safety Program Manager in developing the ACS safety web page and e-mail question line.

Division of Chemical Education Safety Committee:  established in 2015, the DCHED safety committee reviews safety guidance documents published by the division and provides outreach to chemistry educators around safety issues

ACS Chemical Health & Safety: ACS Publications peer review journal focused on communicating the safe practice of chemistry across disciplines, at every age, and in every organization. 

Committee on Professional Training: The CPT provides guidance for undergraduate chemistry programs wishing to gain ACS certification, including expectations address laboratory safety education in the undergraduate curriculum.

American Association of Chemistry Teachers: The AACT provides safety programming as part of its outreach to high school chemistry teachers.

Society Committee on Education: SOCED provides “Guidelines and Recommendations for the Teaching of High School Chemistry” at

Divisional and Regional Meeting Technical Programming: Many ACS technical divisions and regional meetings include symposia in their international, national and regional meeting programs.