CHAS Web Presence Strategic Plan

CHAS strategic plan

Vision Statement

Improving people’s lives through the power of best chemical health and safety practices

Mission Statement

The ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety provides authoritative technical resources and mentorship in chemical health and safety for all.

CHAS web presence strategy

1. Why have a web presence?

To share resources and mentorship opportunities in chemical health and safety.

2. What audiences does the Division’s web presence serve (in priority order)?

  1. CHAS members
  2. Lab Chemists and Chemical Safety educators
  3. EHS support staff for laboratory scientists
  4. the Public

3. What information is included in the web presence?

  • Powerpoint presentations from national meetings
  • Journal club notes
  • Workshop offering schedule
  • Archives of these materials for 5 years
  • ACS Safety Youtube video channel

4. Where is this information collected?

  • DCHAS-L listserv
  • Zotero group libraries for archive lists
  • Zoom platform for CHAS chats
  • ACS webinar archives

5. When is it managed?

  • is updated as new content arises
  • Development of archiving system is underway
  • LISTSERV is continuously moderated to maintain professional tone in discussions

6. How is the CHAS web presence maintained?

  • Volunteer labor organized by the membership committee
  • User fees associated with specific web site applications (budget = $500/year)

Content to Include

  • Safety professional workshops – interest form and registration page
  • Stakeholder workshops to academic researchers and chemistry educators
  • Provides slides from National Meeting presentations
  • Maintains 2 listservs:
  • Maintains 2 regular discussion series:
  • Gives out annual safety awards
  • Accumulates lists of resources for those working in safety and in education
  • Accumulates a list of organizations maintaining a “Lessons Learned” repository
  • Produces webinars on safety for ACS
  • Regional Meeting Support with technical programming and outreach
  • ACS Chemical Health & Safety
  • Creating Safety Cultures in Academic Institutions
  • Safety in Academic Laboratories
  • ACS 2019 Safety Exam
  • Identifying and Evaluating Hazards in Research Laboratories
  • Safety Guidelines for Chemical Demonstrations
  • Free Online Course: Foundations of Chemical Safety and Risk Management
  • Communicating Safety Information
  • Safety in the Chemistry Enterprise
  • Prudent Practices in the Laboratory
  • Articles in ChemMatters
  • CPT Safety Guidelines
  • J Chem Ed Special Issue on Chemical Safety Education
  • ACS Safety Summits