October 2021 CHAS Chat Pre-survey on SDSs

SDS CHAT survey

SDS CHAT survey

To help us prepare for the October 28, 2021 CHAS Chat, please respond to the questions below.

What are your top priorities for your SDS program?
What approach does your lab use in collecting and organizing SDSs?
Do you require that SDSs you collect for lab chemicals be specific to the suppliers that produced the chemical?
What is your experience with the reliability of SDSs?
How is GHS doing for you?
What sector do you work in?
What is your role in the lab? (check all that apply)
How much lab experience do you have?

3 thoughts on “October 2021 CHAS Chat Pre-survey on SDSs”

  1. i have learning so much from this site and everyday my lab being more safe and the students performance developed. i like to be active member of this group.

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