Safety as an ACS Core Value

In December, 2016, the American Chemical Society’s Board of Directors adopted “Professionalism, Safety and Ethics” as a core value of the Society in its Strategic Plan.

In order to make this commitment more concrete, ACS’s 2018 President, Dr. Peter Dorhout (his twitter feed can be found here) convened an ACS “Safety Summit” in February, 2018. The report on the ACS Safety Summit can be downloaded here.C&EN’s report on the summit can be found here.

Ralph Stuart, the chair of the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety reported to the Committee on the summit and how the Society is planning on incorporating safety into its overall strategy to support its members, educators, decision-makers and the public. His presentation to the committee can be downloaded here.

Please feel free to share any questions and comments on this work with either Peter or Ralph.

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