SDS’s: What are They Good For?

CHAS Chat October 28, 2021

Chemical safety and information technology have both evolved significantly since OSHA established Material Safety Data Sheets as the basic regulatory unit of chemical safety information in the 1980’s. This evolution has both advantages and challenges for lab workers. This session will discuss both sides of this coin and best practices for using SDS’s as chemical safety information resource in the laboratory setting.

Join us from 1 to 3 PM on Thursday, October 28 to hear from chemical safety experts discuss the uses and challenges of safety data sheets as a source of laboratory chemical safety information. Our presenters will be Dr. Dan Kuespert of Johns Hopkins University and Dr. Rob Toreki of

If you are interested in attending this session, give us your e-mail address here, and we will provide a Zoom connection link the week of the CHAS chat

Thanks for your interest in Chemical Health and Safety!

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