San Diego CHAS at a Glance and EC Agenda

The CHAS program for San Diego is summarized in the CHAS at a Glance PDF file available for download here: CHAS at a glance – San Diego Spring 2016 chas at a glance

The Executive Committee’s agenda book for the spring national meeting in San Diego on Sunday March 13 is available in PDF format from this link. All DCHAS members are welcome to attend; if you are unable to, feel free to send comments on the agenda items to the Secretary at

Division of Chemical Health & Safety
Executive Committee ACS Spring 2016 Meeting

Sunday, March 13th
8:30 AM – 11:00 AM (Breakfast at 8:00 AM)

Hilton Gaslamp – Santa Rosa Room

Officer Reports (8:40am-9:30am)
Chair’s Report – John Palmer (see 01 Chair Report)
Past Chair’s Report – Debbie Decker (see 02 Immediate past chairs report)
Treasurer’s Report – Neal Langerman (see 03-Treasurers-Report)
Secretary’s Report – Ralph Stuart (see attachment 4)
Councilor Report – Bob Hill and Frankie Wood-Black (see 05 Councilors Report to CHAS SD)
Special Guests [9:30-9:40am – intro & short presentation plus questions/comments] (Ken Smith – Jason Spruell)

BREAK (9:45-9:55am)

Committee & Other Reports (10:00-11:00am)

Programming Committee (see 06 Programming report)
JCHAS Editor’s Report – Harry Elston (see 07 JCHAS Editors Report)
Government Relations Committee (see attachment 8)
Long-Range Planning Committee / Administrative Manual / ByLaws (see09 Long Range Planning Committee Report)

Cannabis Subdivision Update (see 10 CANN Report)
Strategic Plan Progress Reports (see 11 Educational Programming report)
Philadelphia Social Event
Awards Committee
Membership Committee (see 12 Membership report)
Policy Writing Team (see 13 Policy Statement Writing Team)

ACS Strategic Plan (see 14 ACS strategic plan 16)
Updates from the CHED Safety Committee and input from other Divisional Reps.

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