JCHAS Editor’s Spotlight: Chemical suicides: Hazards and how to manage them

The Editor’s Spotlight for the March / April 2018 issue of the Journal of Chemical Health and Safety is shining on:

Chemical suicides: Hazards and how to manage them by
Michael Logan and Christina  Baxter

Michael Logan is affiliated with Research and Scientific Branch, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, GPO BOX 1425, Brisbane, Queensland 4001, Australia.

Christina Baxter is affiliated with Emergency Response TIPS, LLC, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191, USA.

The abstract for this article is:

Emergency response to chemical suicides has become more common place in recent years. In order to address the operational implications of these events, it is first important to understand the methodologies which are commonly used, the locations where the events often occur, the concentrations of material generated, and how those concentration relates to exposure standards and flammability. Using hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and phosphine as examples, guidance is offered about risk control measures including personal protective equipment and decontamination strategies to effectively and safely mitigate the incidents.

This article and the rest of the issue can be found at ScienceDirect site

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