SDS 23 Years Later updated with survey results!

In the December, 1995 issue of the Division’s Journal of Chemical Health and Safety, Neal Langerman reported on a survey he conducted among industrial clients of his company about the value of MSDS collections for the companies. His article can be downloaded here:

Twenty-three years later, much has changed in the world of chemical hazard communication, both in terms of the communications technology used to share the information involved and, with the advent of the GHS system, the contents of the materials itself. 

To help assess us what progress has been made in hazard communication performance, we did an informal poll of the CHAS membership. We received 139 responses, with distinct patterns to their responses.

You can download summaries of their responses and comments in 5 files:

Related to this topic, there is an interesting 2018 article on Evaluating the readability and suitability of construction occupational safety and health materials designed for workers that includes SDS’s as part of their evaluation of safety literature for construction workers.

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