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CHAS at a Glance, Spring 2021

The CHAS at Glance handout for the Spring 2021 ACS National Meeting is now available

Highlights of the program for this meeting are:

  • 3 Chemical Health and Safety Symposia on Thursday, April 8
    • Systems Thinking in Chemical Health and Safety
    • 2020 Chemical Health and Safety Awards
    • Safety Across the Scientific Disciplines: Where are the Successes, and What Needs Improvements
  • 4 Cannabis Chemistry Symposia on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 5-7
    • Advancements in Cannabis Analytical Methods 
    • Women in Cannabis: Shaping an Emerging Industry
    • The 2021 ElSohly Award Symposium Sponsored by Heidolph North America
    • Cannabis Derived Treatments for Specific Medical Conditions: Macromolecular Interactions and Justifications
  • 3 SCI-MIX papers on Friday, April 9
  • The CHAS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING on Thursday, April 15. 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. PDT.
    • DCHAS Networking, April 8
    • Getting the most out of professional events, April 12
    • Preparing your NSF GRFP application, April 14
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in health and safety, April 21
    • Writing safety statements for publication, April 22

Please join us for any of these events that interest you!

2021 Annual CHAS Business Meeting

The annual open membership meeting of the Division of Chemical Health and Safety will be held virtually this year. Traditionally this is held at one of the 2 ACS national meetings, but because it is not clear if there will be any in person ACS meetings this year, the CHAS Executive Committee has decided to hold it on April 15,  from noon – 2 PM, Eastern time. The meeting will be held on Zoom at

If you are curious about how the Division works, want to get caught up on the latest news (traditionally spring meeting includes the announcement of the CHAS award winners for the year!) or would like to get involved helping the Division do its work, please join us!

2020 CHAS Election Candidates

The 2020 CHAS elections will take place in May this year. The slate of candidates for this year’s election is provided below.

Candidate for Chair Elect

Chris Incarvito
Candidate for Secretary Monique Wilhelm
Candidates for Councilor
(highest number of votes)

Alternate Councilor
(second highest number of votes)

Brandon Chance

Frankie Wood-Black

Joe Pickel

Candidates for Member at Large

Kendra Denlinger

Joseph Crockett

Candidate for Chair Elect

Christopher Incarvito, PhD,
Associate Provost for Science Initiatives

Yale University

Dr. Incarvito joined Yale University in 2002 and currently serves as the Associate Provost for Science Initiatives. In this role he has broad responsibility for strategic planning and programmatic development in support of Yale’s Science Strategy – an ambitious prioritization of interdisciplinary and integrative initiatives that will catalyze new research programming and supplement existing research excellence.

He serves on a multitude of university committees including the EHS Laboratory Safety Committee and has worked collaboratively with Yale EHS on projects ranging from campus-wide chemical inventory systems, new safety policy development, and safety-driven laboratory renovations and retrofits.

The balance of his portfolio is in overseeing research operations and strategic scientific development of Yale West Campus, where he is responsible for the quality and creation of new research programming and facilities through collaborative work with faculty, directors, deans, department chairs, and other university leadership. He also spearheads an ambitious program of laboratory modernization across West Campus, delivering a significant expansion of Yale’s science and engineering capacity, and manages strategic capital investments, deployment of high-value shared research instrumentation laboratories, and collaborations with global scientific research organizations.

Dr. Incarvito has been a member of D-CHAS for eight years and has served as the division’s Development Chair for the last two. He was also named a CHAS Fellow in 2018.

He earned a PhD in inorganic chemistry from the University of Delaware in 2002 and his continued research interests include the application of orthogonal analytical instrumentation to complex chemical and biological problems. His current professional interests are in modern laboratory design, specifically in the creation of spaces that support interdisciplinary research efforts, shared resources, and safety-driven design.


Monique Wilhelm, M.S., NRCC Certified CHO
Laboratory Manager, Adjunct Lecturer, Chemistry Club Advisor
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry|University of Michigan-Flint

ACS CHAS Secretary|2017 CERM E. Ann Nalley Award Recipient

Monique Wilhelm is the Laboratory Manager in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Michigan-Flint.  Her work involves all business and operations within the chemistry labs including maintenance of instrumentation and all functions related to laboratory safety.  She has an M.S. in Chemistry, HAZWOPER Specialist certification, and is an NRCC Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer.  She was the 2018-2020 secretary for the executive board of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Division of Chemical Health and Safety, is a member of the Safety Committee within the ACS Division of Chemical Education, and is an advocate for science literacy and the improvement of the popular view of chemistry.  

Councilor (highest number of votes)

Alternate Councilor (second highest number of votes)

Brandon S. Chance, MS, CCHO
Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Southern Methodist University

Brandon holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemistry with an emphasis on polymer and organic chemistry from Texas Lutheran University and Texas A&M University and has been an ACS member for 13 years. After serving as a bench chemist and researcher in academia and industry for four years, Brandon transitioned a role in environmental health and safety in 2008.

Over the last decade he has held various positions at Texas A&M University at Qatar, Princeton University, and most recently at Southern Methodist University, where he is currently the Director of Environmental Health and Safety. Brandon routinely gives talks at both Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) and American Chemical Society (ACS) national meetings.

He currently sits on the Executive Committee of the ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety (DCHAS) as an Alternate Councilor and Liaison to the Division of International Activities and is also on the conference education committee for CSHEMA and is a co-organizer for the 2020 CSHEMA Safety Symposium on Safety Culture. Brandon is an ACS-DCHAS Fellow and an ACS ChemLuminary Award recipient for Global Engagement. In addition to national talks, Brandon has also served as an invited speaker and panelist at various ACS International events including events in Malaysia and Qatar that focus on laboratory safety and security in conflict regions and international settings.

Frankie Wood-Black, Ph.D., REM, MBA
Principal – Sophic Pursuits

Dr. Frankie Wood-Black has been a member of the Division since the early 1990’s. She has been active in Divisional Activities throughout this time and has held a number of roles in the Division including the Chair and Counselor.  While representing the Division, she has been a member of a number of ACS committees and has participated in many governance activities, and currently is a member of the Nominations and Elections Committee for the ACS.  In addition, to her ACS activities, Dr. Wood-Black was an industrial scientist working in the areas of environmental compliance, sustainability, and chemical management.  In 2014, she left industry to return to academia and is currently the Division Chair for the Engineering, Physical Science, and Process Technology at Northern Oklahoma College, in Tonkawa, OK. 

Joseph (Joe) M. Pickel, Ph.D., CCHO

Joe received his B.S. in Chemistry from Villanova University in 1998 and his Ph. D. in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Akron in 2003. After graduate school, he began working as a postdoctoral researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee and soon after became a Research and Operations Staff member at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences serving as chemical inventory manager, environmental protection officer, and work control coordinator for this division. In 2012 he became the Research Support Group Leader for the Chemical Sciences Division, responsible for coordinating all aspects of ESH, quality and operational activities within the division. He is also responsible for the Work Planning and Control process for all R&D at ORNL.

He joined ACS in 1996 and has been a member of CHAS since 2007. Joe has also been a member of the Division of Polymer Chemistry and the Division of Chemical Information. As a member of CHAS, Joe has organized numerous symposia including several Presidential symposia and given presentations in the area safety of nanomaterials, chemical management, research facility design, and other topics. He has been an active volunteer in CHAS serving as Chair (2018) Membership Chair, Alternate Councilor and co-chair of the Programming Committee. He has been a Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer with the National Registry of Certified Chemists since 2007 and serves on its Board of Directors.

Member at Large

Kendra Leahy Denlinger, Ph.D.
Teaching Professor of Chemistry
Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH

I am a Teaching Professor of Chemistry at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH, where I started working in the fall of 2017 after earning my Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Cincinnati. During my last year of graduate school, I participated in a 6-week internship with ACS in Washington, D.C., and I have been involved with the chemical safety community ever since. During this internship, I developed a presentation about the ACS website Hazard Assessment in Research Laboratories, which I presented at my graduate institution as well as at Keene State College, Harvard University, and MIT.

My graduate research background is in green chemistry, which is why I was drawn to the area of chemical safety. Chemical safety and green chemistry complement each other, and I believe there are many benefits to closer collaboration between the two. I have been involved with the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety since fall of 2018 and am currently serving as an associate member. I am a member of the Division of Chemical Health and Safety, and am currently working on a project with the division funded by an ACS Innovative Project Grant. We are designing an electronic tool to help guide undergraduate chemistry laboratory students through the RAMP process.

I have enjoyed working with the chemical safety community and learning from them, so I am excited to get more involved with the division in serving as a Member-at-Large!

Joseph M Crockett
A LeRoy and Wanda H Baker Chair of Science
Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Bridgewater College

I am the A Leroy and Wanda H Baker Professor of Science and Professor of Chemistry at Bridgewater College (retiring this year after 43 years teaching). I have been involved with lab safety in different aspects for my entire career. I instituted the lab safety program at Bridgewater, one level for freshmen and sophomores and an upper level for Chemistry majors. I have chaired the safety committee for the Virginia Section ACS, I have been a member of CHAS for 27+ years, I am a member of the Committee on Chemical Safety ACS, and I have worked on several project including the writing of the new ACS test on Chemical Health and Safety.

March, 2020 Call for comments on ISEA eyewash & safety shower standard


CHAS recommends that its members consider commenting on the current proposal to reaffirm the American National Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment (ANSI/ISEA Z-358.1) with no revisions. 

A Word template for a letter with suggested wording for  such a comment can be found below.

Questions and comments on this letter can be directed to Sammye Sigmann <> or Mary Beth Koza <>

ACS Chemical Health & Safety Now accepting Submissions!

ACS Publications is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of ACS Chemical Health & Safety, a global journal devoted to recognizing the importance of safety within the chemistry ecosystem.

ACS Publications is pleased to introduce ACS Chemical Health & Safety. The journal focuses on publishing high-quality articles of interest to scientists, EH&S professionals, and non-research personnel who manage or work in areas where chemicals are used or hazordous waste is generated. Examples submissions to the new journal may include:

  • Scientific reports that describe and analyze a scenario in the form of a case study
  • Methods, protocols, or best practices for safety procedures
  • Evaluation of potential safety hazards associated with common reactions or procedures
  • Reviews of the literature, resources, regulations, or methodologies
  •  Other research or scholarly discussions on topics of interest to the chemical health and safety community

Mary Beth Mulcahy, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

“The chemical safety community is so diverse, extending beyond scientists and other practitioners to include students, environmental health and safety professionals, managers, regulators and others,” says Mulcahy. “I am excited to lead the journal as it embraces the sharing of best practice and new ideas under the auspices of the ACS.”

The Development Editor of the Journal is Dr. Kali Miller.

CHAS Awarded Two 2019 Chemluminary Awards!

At the fall 2019 ASC National Meeting in San Diego, CA, CHAS was honored with two ChemLuminary awards for Divisional activities. The awards honored the Division’s innovative projects in working with international stakeholders in Malaysia and in communicating with the research community about the importance of Laboratory Risk Assessment. Pictured above are several former, current and future CHAS chairs with ACS leadership at the awards ceremony.

In addition, Frankie Wood-Black, CHAS former chair and active CHAS councilor, was recognized by the Committee on Public Relations and Communications with the
Helen M. Free Award for Public Outreach
Frankie Wood-Black writes a weekly science column for her local newspaper. As an ACS Expert, she has been quoted on topics including tattoo inks and pool safety. She also wrote a book on how to safely perform hands-on science.

The Division prepared this poster to highlight the 4 nominations it received for Chemluminary awards for its 2020 work.

Descriptions of the 4 CHAS finalists for 2019 ChemLuminary Awards

Connecting Professionalism, Safety & Ethics: Opportunities & Challenges

At the Fall 2019 ACS National Meeting, CHAS hosted a symposium on Connecting Professionalism, Safety & Ethics: Opportunities & Challenges”. PDF versions of the presentations are provided here for your review.

Safety for one, safety for all: Overcoming challenges to sharing chemical incident data. K.M. Kulinowski

Learnings from a community safety data sharing experiment. C.I. Nitsche, G. Whittick, M. Manfredi

Global Chemists’ Code of Ethics: Connecting safety, security, and responsible practices in the chemical sciences. L. Brown

Safety: International chemical society approach. B.S. Chance

Introducing a safety guidance chapter in the fourth edition of the ACS Style Guide. S.B. Sigmann, L.R. McEwen, S.R. Goode

Why metrics matter. S.I. Addlestone

Backing into safety culture. P.A. Reinhardt

Professionalism, safety and ethics: Improving safety culture. R.M. Izzo

Engaging senior management to improve the safety culture of a chemical development organization thru the SPYDR (safety as part of your daily routine) lab visit program. V.W. Rosso

Understanding the dimensions of risk. R. Stuart

Graduate Student Safety Education

At the 2019, San Diego National Meeting CHAS hosted a symposium on Graduate Student Safety Education. The presentations from this symposium are provided below.

Safety communication is about respect as well as numbers. R. Stuart

How to train with nothing. S. George, H. Davis- Russell, J. de la Rosa Ducut

Development of a short course for collateral duty safety advisors in academic research laboratories. M.C. Wasson, M. Blayney

Secrets to success: Show up, do. M.C. J.A. Martin

Safety minutes: Consistent way to promote and sustain the commitment to research safety. L. Redfern, M. Blayney

GAs are EHS @ USD. C.M. Karki

CHAS 40th Anniversary Symposium

Presentations from the CHAS 40th Anniversary Symposium at the 2019 Fall ACS National Meeting are provided below. The presentations were:

PubChem LCSS.
J. Zhang, P. Thiessen, A. Gindulyte, E. Bolton, L.R. McEwen, R. Stuart

Evolution of “safety” within the ACS world.
R. Stuart, R. Hill

40 years as an environment, health and safety professional. M.B. Koza

CHAS at 40: Twenty years of editor’s insight on professional safety communication. H.J. Elston

From YCC to SCC: Fun times in the Division of Chemical Health and Safety. D.M. Decker