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CHAS Workshops 2021

The Division of Chemical Safety presents several workshops as part of the American Chemical Society’s continuing education program around chemical safety issues. CHAS has two workshop tracks, aimed at either specific stakeholders or chemistry professionals who need specific chemical safety education to complete their expertise, either in the lab or in business settings. The stakeholder workshops are taught by people from that group with safety experience (e.g. grad students teaching grad students), whereas the professional development workshops are taught by full time Environmental Health and Safety professionals.

To register for any of these workshops, use the link in the workshop description below the graphic for that workshop.

We can also help arrange presentations of these workshops in other venues. If you are interested in arranging any of these trainings for your company or local section meetings, contact us at

LST workshop
Also known as the Lab Safety Teams workshop, taught by chemistry graduate students with experience with implementing and maintaining laboratory safety programs at their home institution. This workshop will next be offered Sunday, October 17, 2021; you can register for it here.
NEW for 2021! This workshop addresses the ACS Publications expectation for publishing safety information related to your research.
The registration page for this workshop on Monday, October 4 is here.
Safety Culture in the Lab workshop
Many people believe that a proactive laboratory safety culture is the key to a safer laboratory.
This workshop will explore what this means and provide concrete tools you can use to support a safety culture in your lab.
Register here for this workshop to be held Saturday, October 16.
Our most popular workshop, the Chemical Hygiene Officer workshop prepares attendees to take the NRCC certification exam to serve this role. Register for the Friday, October 8 offering of this workshop here.
Regulatory requirements for laboratory wastes can be complex. This workshop provides an introduction to the key questions you need to ask to avoid legal problems when you dispose of your lab waste. Register here forThursday, October 7 offering of the lab waste workshop.
Lab scale incident investigation
This workshop explains had to adapt standard accident investigation practices to the laboratory setting,
Register for the “blame free” workshop on Tuesday, October 5 here.
Safety Leadership
Safe organizations do not develop spontaneously; this workshop identifies ways that leadership can foster the development of a productive approach to safety in their organization. Register for this workshop on Thursday, October 21 here.
Reactive Chemicals Management
Chemical reactivity hazards present special planing and management challenges. This workshop will explore techniques for identifying these hazards and assessing these risks. Register for this workshop on Wednesday, October 6here.
This LSI workshop provides practical details for moving your lab safety program forward. Register for this workshop on Monday, October 4 here.

If you have any questions about these workshops, contact us at or complete the workshop below.