2021 CHAS Chat Topics Survey Results

52 CHAS members responder to our survey of interest in potential 2021 CHAS chat topics. The average response for each potential topic are in the table below, with “10” being most interested and “1” least interested.

Potential 2021 CHAS chat topics

TopicInterest level (1-10)
Best sources of safety information for chemicals7.63
Hazard Assessment in the research lab7.58
Specific examples of RAMP in action7.35
Online resources for learning safe chemistry techniques7.21
Best practices for at-the-bench training6.88
Teaching chemical safety and risk assessment in virtual labs6.75
Chemical Safety for Biologists6.73
Fire codes and flammable/reactive limits6.60
Planning for and Recovering from Emergencies6.54
Overview of new ACS chemical safety education resources6.50
Working alone policies and practices6.50
Safety in Nanotechnology6.15
Safe Reaction scale up considerations6.12
The role and impact of covid masks (in public and in the lab)6.10
Safety in community outreach6.09
Strengths and limitations of PubChem LCSS5.98
EH&S as a career option5.94
Uses of ACS Style Guide chapter5.79
Safety in the performing arts5.42
Service Animals in the Lab4.94
Process Safety in the Pharmaceutical Industry4.82
High School Safety related resources4.60

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