Tillmanns-Skolnick Award

The Tillmanns-Skolnick Award was established in 1984 to recognize and honor outstanding, long-term service to the Division of Chemical Health and Safety. Originally named the Distinguished Service Award, it was renamed the Tillmanns-Skolnick Award in in 1986 to honor Emma Jean Tillmanns-Skolnick.  Nominees must have been an active member of the division for at least five years and have shown, though personal effort, outstanding support for the realization of CHAS’s goals in Chemical Health and Safety. The award consists of a commemorative plaque and a $500 prize for expenses so that the recipient can be present at an award symposium at the fall ACS national meeting. The deadline for 2017 nominations is December 1, 2016..


Tillmanns-Skolnick Award Criteria

  1. Must be a member of the Division of Chemical Health and Safety and of ACS.
  2. Must have been an active member of the Division for at least five years.  Activity is indicated by participation in, or moderation of, technical sessions in CHAS at national meetings, repeated contributions to CHAS publications, holding offices in the division, chairing division committees, etc.
  3. Has shown support for the goals and activities of CHAS, and has through personal effort, helped CHAS reach those goals.

Previous Winners

2016: Sammye Sigmann

2015: Ralph Stuart and Robert Toreki

2014: Kim Jeskie

2013: Neal Langerman

2012: Ken Fivizzani

2011 Frankie Wood-Black

2010 Debbie Decker

2009 Ralph Stuart

2008 Stefan Wawzyniecki

2007 Frankie Wood-Black

2006 Barbara Foster

2005 Russell W. Phifer

2004 Neal Langerman

2003 Peter Ashbrook

2002 Robert Alaimo

2001 Warren Kingsley and Elizabeth Weisburger

2000 Laurence J. Doemeny and Douglas B. Walters

1999 Sung Moon

1998 Erik A. Talley

1997 George H. Wahl, Jr.

1996 Eileen B. Segal

1995 Steve Szabo

1994 Po-Yung Lu

1993 Ruth Hathaway

1992 Ernest I. Becker

1991 Pat Redden

1989 Jay A. Young

1988 Donald Hedberg

1987 Lyle H. Phifer

1986 I.J. Wilk

1984 Howard Fawcett