Fancy Nails in the Lab

A colleague from Mexico recently wrote to the DCHAS-L list:

Hello everyone,

We have seen that some students and teachers use quite long fancy nails while working in the lab. This topic was the object of a discussion in UNISON (University of Sonora). The arguments included the respect of the person to use that type of nails. However, it was also commented that it is a risk for those who use those fantasy nails and also for those who are working around them in the lab.

What is your opinion about it? Have you implemented any policy in this regard? Best regards,

Dra. Clara Rosalía Álvarez Chávez
Profesora de Tiempo Completo
Universidad de Sonora Hermosillo, Son. México

Dra. Clara Rosalía Álvarez Chávez collected the responses to inquiry as well as key literature references into a Powerpoint report for her colleagues in Mexico and also shared the results with us.

You can download her report here :

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