Spring 2016 Virtual Booth

A quick resource with links to all of the information provided during the 2016 ACS National Meeting in San Diego


–        CHAS announces formation of Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision to provide an outlet for the dissemination of cannabis research, professional training, development and review of recommended best practices, and collaboration across multidisciplinary fields of chemistry. (see full announcement in C&E News)

–        C&E news Safety Zone

–        Join us in Philadelphia: Programming includes Safety in K-12 Classrooms, Americans with Disabilities ACT and accommodations in the laboratory, Biochemistry of Cannabis, Chemical Safety in Public Policy, Ask Dr. Safety, and the CHAS Awards program. Plan to join us!

Division of Chemical Health and Safety Information (www.dchas.org)

Committee on Chemical Safety (www.acs.org/safety) ACS Publications

Note: Print Copies of all items above can be ordered by calling the ACS Office of Society Services at 1-800-227-5558

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