JCHAS Editor’s Spotlight: Engaging senior management to improve safety culture

The JCHAS Editor’s Spotlight for the July / October 2019 issue of the Journal of Chemical Health and Safety is shining on:

Engaging senior management to improve the safety culture of a chemical development organization thru the SPYDR (Safety as Part of Your Daily Routine) lab visit program

By Victor Rosso, Jeffery Simon, Matthew Hickey, Christina Risatti, Chris Sfouggatakis, Lydia Breckenridge, Sha Lou, Robert Forest, Grace Chiou, Jonathan Marshall, Jean Tom

All authors are affiliated with Chemical & Synthetic Development, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company,

You can download the article here:

  • Failure to educate — Failure to train; Harry J. Elston
  • Strategic opportunities in chemical safety education: A report on the 2019 ACS Safety Summit; Ralph Stuart
  • Lessons learned – Mercury thermometer incident; Elizabeth Czornyj, Imke Schroeder, Nancy L. Wayne, Craig A. Merlic
  • An immediate onsite chlorine leakage disaster management plan; Yehya Elsayed, Abdel-Qader Al-Ameri, Taj El-Sir Ahmed, Mohamed Idreese, Sofian Kanan
  • Evaluation of the implementation of occupational health, safety, and environment management systems in higher education laboratories; Fatma Lestari, Anom Bowolaksono, Sri Yuniautami, Tia Retno Wulandari, Saraswati Andani
  • Elements of experiment safety in the laboratory; Lee C. Cadwallader, Robert J. Pawelko
  • Looking at the bigger picture: Evaluating responder risk in a tritium spill; Harry J. Elston, Daren Perrero
  • A storage cabinet design for research chemicals for developing nations; Abdullah Hussein Kshash
  • Efficacy of existing transient models for spill area forecasting; Raja S., Reddy T.L.P., Tauseef S.M., Tasneem Abbasi, S.A. Abbasi

CHAS members can access this issue at https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/journal-of-chemical-health-and-safety?dgcid=raven_sd_via_email

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