Howard Fawcett Chemical Health and Safety Award

Established in 1983, the Howard Fawcett Chemical Health and Safety Award recognizes outstanding individual contributions to the field of Chemical Health and Safety. The award consists of a commemorative plaque and a $500 prize for expenses so that the recipient can be present at an award symposium at the fall ACS national meeting. The recipient is expected to invite presenters for the award symposium. See also previous award recipients.

The award is to be granted for outstanding contributions in the field of chemical health and safety without regard to age, nationality, race, gender or race.

Each nomination must be accompanied by a letter, no more than five pages long, that;

  1. Details the nominee’s accomplishments,
  2. Identifies the work to be recognized,
  3. Gives a biographical sketch of the nominee, and
  4. Lists publications by the nominee.

Reprints of not more than five publications may be included. Books or tapes should not be included in the nomination package; abstracts or published reviews may be used in their place, or in place of extensive publications.

Six copies of all items used for 2017 nominations should be sent by December 1, 2016 to the Awards Committee Chair to be certain that the award can be announced at the Spring Executive Committee meeting and plans can be made for the Fall Meeting Awards Symposium.

Howard Fawcett CHAS Award Recipients

2016: Lee Latimer

2015: Jyllian Kemsley, C&ENews

2014: Sheila Kennedy from University of California San Diego

2013: Proctor and Gamble’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water program

2012: Robert Emery

2011: Eugene Nagi

2009: Chemical Security Engagement Program of the U.S. Department of State

2008: U.S. Chemical Safety Board

2007: Salvatore R. DiNardi

2006: D. Jeff Burton

2005: Edward H. Rau

2004: Thomas Goehl

2003: Harry J. Elston

2002: Robert H. Hill Jr.

2001: Eileen Segal

2000: Emmett Barkley

1999: Linda Rosenstock

1998: Janet Baum

1997: Louis DiBerardinis


1996: Ralph Stuart

1995: Warren K. Kingsley

1994: Daniel Crowl

1993: Howard F. Fawcett

1992: Kenneth Yoder

1991: Jay A. Young

1990: Stanley Pine

1989: Douglas B. Walters

1988: Leslie Bretherick

1987: Samuel S. Butcher, Dana W. Mayo, Ronald M. Pike

1986: Blaine C. McKusick

1985: Malcolm Renfrew

1984: Warren Kingsley

1983: Herbert House