Materials from the Searching for Chemical Safety Information IPG

These PDF files were developed as part of the Membership’s Committee Innovative Project Grant outreach workshop to the Univ of Minnesota Joint Safety Teams in 2023. They are made available here for people interested in exploring the resources described. A description of the reason the workshop was held was put together by Brady Bresnhan; you can read it here. The final report about the IPG to the ACS Committee on Divisional Activities is here.

As an outcome of the 2023 workshop at the Univ of Minnesota, we decided to divide the overall presentation into modular segments, organized by audience. We also added a couple of resources that we feel would be useful to include. If presenters want to use the files that they find most useful for their presentation, the files are available for this purpose with a Creative Commons – By Attribution license.

Introductory File

Foundational Chemical Safety Information Databases 

Advanced Undergraduate
(in addition to above sources)

Research & Specialty Labs 
(in addition to above sources)

Environmental Health and Safety Resources
(in addition to above sources)

Summary File that includes all sources