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ACS Chemical Health & Safety Now accepting Submissions!

ACS Publications is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of ACS Chemical Health & Safety, a global journal devoted to recognizing the importance of safety within the chemistry ecosystem.

ACS Publications is pleased to introduce ACS Chemical Health & Safety. The journal focuses on publishing high-quality articles of interest to scientists, EH&S professionals, and non-research personnel who manage or work in areas where chemicals are used or hazordous waste is generated. Examples submissions to the new journal may include:

  • Scientific reports that describe and analyze a scenario in the form of a case study
  • Methods, protocols, or best practices for safety procedures
  • Evaluation of potential safety hazards associated with common reactions or procedures
  • Reviews of the literature, resources, regulations, or methodologies
  •  Other research or scholarly discussions on topics of interest to the chemical health and safety community

Mary Beth Mulcahy, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

“The chemical safety community is so diverse, extending beyond scientists and other practitioners to include students, environmental health and safety professionals, managers, regulators and others,” says Mulcahy. “I am excited to lead the journal as it embraces the sharing of best practice and new ideas under the auspices of the ACS.”

The Development Editor of the Journal is Dr. Kali Miller.