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Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to the Division of Chemical Health and Safety’s (CHAS) website. Our organization is an all-volunteer technical division of the American Chemical Society. The Division is home to chemists from industry and academia and safety professionals who are interested in the well-being of those who use chemicals (at work, in education, or at home) and the protection of the environment.

Sammye Sigmann
2019 Chair of CHAS

Through our mission to, “…provide authoritative technical resources and mentorship in chemical health and safety for all.”, we support Safety in the Chemistry Enterprise. Please take a few minutes and browse the various pages of our website to learn more about our divisional activities.

We invite you to join CHAS, which gives you access to all of the resources our division has to offer. Membership in the Division provides opportunities to network with professionals from variety of disciplines who share a common passion for industrial and research chemical safety and chemical safety education.

When you become a member, you will have access to:

Our volunteers are active in:

  • Communicating health and safety information to the greater community by our website and social media platforms,
  • Working with other ACS partners such as the Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS) to produce high quality educational materials,
  • Organizing technical symposia (often co-sponsored with other divisions and/or the CCS)­­­­ at National and Regional ACS meetings,
  • Providing information on careers, education, and ACS resources in chemical health and safety by working in the ACS sponsored Expo booth at National Meetings. 

We recognize contributions from our volunteers and sponsors:

  • With several divisional awards,
  • Through social events at National meetings.

2019 looks to be a very busy year as we work with other divisions such as Industrial & Engineering Chemistry (I&EC), Chemical Education (CHED), and Analytical Chemistry (ANYL) to include safety symposia in their programing.

Wishing you a productive & safe year in your educational and/or work endeavors,

-Samuella (Sammye) Sigmann, 2019 Chair
ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety