SafetyStratus College and University Health and Safety Award

The SafetyStratus College and University Health and Safety Award  is given to recognize the comprehensive laboratory safety programs in higher education (undergraduate study only). The award consists of a commemorative plaque and a $1000 prize for expenses so that the recipient can be present their program at an award symposium at the fall ACS national meeting.

Nomination and/or verification may be made by a local ACS section or nearby industry which has on its staff an ACS member with expertise in laboratory safety. The deadline for 2017 nominations is December 1, 2016. There are ten categories for judging. Submitted nomination materials for each should include comments on each:

  1. Institutional safety policy.
  2. Chemical hygiene plans for instructional laboratories;
  3. Evidence of incorporation of safety concepts and sources of information into the curriculum:
    a) student rules
    b) examinations safety course offerings
    c) seminars on safety topics
    d) results of safety research
    e) others
  4. Chemical waste guidelines, documents and statistics.
  5. Storage: written policies and description of procedures.
  6. Prep room: chemical hygiene plan, general policy and procedures.
  7. Waste minimization: policy, practice, incorporation into curriculum.
  8. Faculty development: seminars, workshops, production of videotapes, slides, etc.
  9. Laboratories and chemical use areas: conditions:
    a) ventilation
    b) housekeeping
    c) supervision
    d) security
    e) emergency equipment
    f)  personal protective equipment
  10. Accident reports: maintenance, analysis, use.

Previous Award Winners

2016: Duke University

2015: University of Pennsylvania

2014: University of California Davis

2013: North Carolina State University

2012: Wittenburg University, Springfield, Ohio

2011: University of California, San Diego

2010: Princeton University

2009: Wellesley College

2008: Franklin and Marshall

2007: University of Connecticut

2006: none awarded

2005: Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Nevada-Reno

2004: University of Massachusetts-Boston

2003: none awarded

2002: none awarded

2001: West Virginia University

2000: none awarded

1999: Francis Marion University

1996: Williams College

1995: University of Wisconsin-Madison

1993: College of St. Benedict, jointly with St. John’s University of St. Joseph, MN

1991:Massachusetts Institute of Technology