Improve Your Lab’s Safety Webinar Extended Cut Available!

People who watched the webinar on How to Improve Your Lab’s Safety that the Division co-sponsored in January may be interested to know that the ACS Webinar program has released an “extended cut” version of that webinar.

In this version, we have added responses to a group of questions that we weren’t able to answer in the time allotted in January. The new questions include:

  • Where can I learn more about a system of classification for chemical storage?
  • What are effective ways of getting administration and other departments (like biology) on board with a consistent safety message and culture when old habits are so ingrained and funding is limited?
  • How do we apply a hazard assessment teaching method to a regulatory environment that requires rule based documentation?
  • Do you have any recommendations for safety glasses use in a space that is mixed office and lab use?
  • Do you think they should be manditory at all times if your at your desk in a lab?
  • Does anyone have a good definition of what qualifies as a “near-miss”?  
  • How do you define safety culture as opposed to compliance?

Also, notice that there is a survey question that we would like people’s responses to. Even if you don’t take the time to watch the whole webinar again, please respond to that question so that the Division can continue to improve our member services. 

Please answer this question online

And spread the word to others who may be interested – the webinar is free for anyone to watch.
Thanks for your interest in this!

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