SERMACS 2019 CHAS Presentations

The 2019 Southeast Regional Meeting hosted a Division of Chemical Health and Safety symposium related to safety culture in the laboratory. The symposium was entitled Teaching, Creating and Sustaining a Safety Culture. This symposium was supported  in part by a Corporation Associates Local Section grant in the amount of $1,000.00 which was used to support the speaker’s travel costs. PDF versions of these presentations of this symposium are available below.

Nurturing a safety culture through student engagement, Ralph House, UNC-CH

Supporting a Culture of Safety with Teachable Moments Melinda Box NC State University

Successful Execution of Top-Down Safety Culture at UNC-Chapel Hill Jim Potts UNC-CH

Collaborative safety training and integrative program development Mark Lassiter Montreat College

Cultivating a culture of safety in undergraduate chemistry labs at UNC Chapel Hill Kathleen Nevins UNC-CH

From rules to RAMP: Embracing safety culture, expanding frontier as a recent graduate Rachel Bocwinski ACS

SOPs, SOCs, and Docs: Developing peer-to-peer safety to fight complacency in synthetic inorganic chemistry Quinton Bruch UNC-CH

Laboratory Safety Culture at UNC-CH Mary Beth Koza UNC-CH

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