CHAS Virtual Networking Opportunities

Dear DCHAS Colleagues,

I am pleased to introduce two new ways to connect with the DCHAS community:


Each month, we will feature a new discussion topic and moderator. Using Zoom, DCHAS members will have an opportunity to engage in conversation, share ideas and best practices, and build community. These will not be webinars – other than a short introduction of the topic, there will not be a formal presentation. The focus is on the discussion.

To kick this off, in June, I will lead a discussion on social distancing strategies in laboratories


The membership of DCHAS has a diversity of backgrounds and professional expertise: safety professionals, educators, lab managers, consultants in a variety of settings: academia, government laboratories, industrial labs, manufacturing, the arts, and more.

Sometimes, it’s nice to share war stories, commiserate, and learn from people with similar interests and circumstances. As a benefit to our members, we would like to build virtual communities of people with common interests. We will facilitate quarterly Zoom meetings for each of these virtual communities.

Examples of Virtual Communities include embedded Safety Professionals, Chemical Educators, K-12 Community, Consultants, Academic Research Safety, Art Safety, or any common interest (related to chemical health and safety, of course).


Interested? First, we need to know a little more about what timing you prefer (e.g., during the work day, in the evenings, on the weekend, etc.), which topics you’d like to discuss in the coming months, and which communities interest you.

Please complete this survey by Friday, June 5.

I will schedule the first virtual meeting (on social distancing strategies) based on the feedback on timing. We will identify four virtual communities and schedule a meeting for each.

I look forward to seeing you (if you decide to enable video, which is not necessary) very soon.

Stay well,

Robin M. Izzo, M.S.
Executive Director

2020 Chair, ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety


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