2019 CHAS Awards Symposium

The 2019 CHAS Awards were presented at the San Diego National Meeting in August. The awardees and their presentation files are provided here

Ken Fivizzani was presented with the CHAS Lifetime Achievement Award. His presentation was entitled “Seeking the promised land of chemical safety”.

2019 CHAS Lifetime Achievement Award

Sammye Sigmann was presented with the Howard Fawcett Award. Her presentation was entitled “What Can We Learn from Lemony Snicket?”.

2019 CHAS Awards Symposium Howard Fawcett Award
2019 CHAS Awards Symposium Pitt Safety Stratus College and University Award

The University of Pittsburgh was presented with the SafetyStratus College and University Award. Their presentation was entitled “Safety-Culture Growth Catalyzed by an Undergraduate Laboratory Safety Course”

Harry Elston was presented with the Tillmans Skonik award. His presentation was entitled “Leading from the Front“.

2019 CHAS Awards Symposium Tillmanns-Skolnik Award

The final speaker was a guest invited by Sammye Sigmann, Stella Sommer. She spoke on “Rasmussen’s Risk Management Framework Applied to Academic Laboratory Safety”

2019 CHAS Awards Symposium Stella Sommer Invited Speaker Fresno State

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