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CHAS CHAT: Demonstrations and Outreach Activities

On Wednesday October 28th, Sammye Sigmann of Appalachian State University and Debbie Decker (UC Davis, retired) hosted a CHAS chat dicsussion on Chemical Safety: Demonstrations and Outreach Activities

At this time of year, many groups like to engage in outreach activities. While there are likely to be fewer outreach activities this year, we thought that a informal discussion on demonstration and outreach safety might still be useful for October when so many of these events take place for Halloween.

Among other topics, they discussed developing risk analyses documentation for a popular demonstration, the Elephant’s Toothpaste.

The Appalachian State JHA for Elephant’s Toothpaste can be downloaded here.

The UC David SOP for this demo can be found here

You can download a PDF of the powerpoint that Sammye and Debbie used to lead the session was also recorded and is available here

Sammye and Debbie