Learning Laboratory Safety through Storytelling

Enhancing the Culture of Safety through Good Storytelling.
M.B. Koza

How personal stories can support safety training.
D.M. Decker

What’s the point of your story?
K.P. Fivizzani

Playing with Fire.
S.B. Sigmann

An unknowing, unthinking, uncaring graduate student learns a lesson about safety.
R.H. Hill

The Genres of Science
R. Stuart

Turning safety observations into messages.
T.C. Gallagher, R. Brian, R. Stuart

From Storytelling to StoryMAKING.
R.M. Izzo

Preserving Institutional History of Chemical Incidents..
P.A. Reinhardt

Using Risk Management Techniques to Improve Situational Awareness and Accident Reduction.
R. Lippman

Chemical safety information in PubChem.
J. Zhang, P. Thiessen, A. Gindulyte, E. Bolton

Using the chemical inventory system to create research articles that include safety information.
R.N. Vernon, K.N. Lamb

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